IAN FINKEL backed up Michael Feinstein with amusing musical abandon Finkel provided furious accompaniment on the xylophone.
- Martin Schaffer - Backstage

Finkel is showcased in his own spot in the show A big instrumental star.
- Dennis Sprik

The musical highlight of the Evening Mr. Finkel gave a characteristically virtuoso performance An Eloquent testimony.
- Don Larsen

Ian Finkel played everything from Gershwin to Tchaikovsky Spectacular virtuosity and arranging.
- Dardiel Padilla, El Norte, Mexico

Incredible execution with deep felt reflections.
- David Perales, El Diario, Mexico

Ian Finkel ascended to a higher realm a fine soloist.
- Alex Ross - NY Times

Zest and spectacular accuracy!
- Tim Page - NY News Day

Ian Finkel's Fantasy on themes of Fat's Waller, refreshed the ears with a dose of unaccustomed sonority.
- New York Magazine

Regarded as the greatest xylophone virtuoso in the world.
- The Flyer, Aspen Times

Finkel's arrangements had the whole audience singing along.
- Joseph Berger - NY Times

Buoyant, original numbers.
- Jan Stuart - NY Newsday

Lively, delightful and new.
- Howard Kissel - Daily News

A splendid performer.
- John Simon - New York Magazine

We are thrilled to announce another triumph for IAN FINKEL co-starring with his father Fyvush Finkel (Picket Fences) in a series of concerts entitled "From Second Avenue to Broadway" at the John Houseman Theater. Ian received rave reviews across the board. All concerts were S.R.O!

Here's what the critics said:

"Ian Finkel is a xylophone virtuoso"
- New York Times - Lawrence Van Gelder

"Ian, a xylophone virtuoso opens both acts of this revue....The show is xylophone driven, and you may never hear xylophone solos like these again."
- New York Newsday - Steve Parks

"The entertainment is firmly in the hands, or mallets of master xylophonist Ian who leads the orchestra. Ian executes a virtuostic "Flight of the Bumble Bee Freilach" through a genteel "Rhapsody In Blue."
- Jewish Week - Aaron Mack Schloff

"Finkel is widely regarded as the greatest xylophone virtuoso in the world. He is the quintessential musician, nothing short of extraordinary. Suffice to say he's smokin and you can discover what I mean for yourself."
- The Internet Magazine of Stage Reviews and Opinion - David Spencer

"The most energized part of the evening comes from Ian Finkel, a world class xylophonist
who plays a moving Gershwin Medley."

- Back Stage - Dan Isaac

"Delightful, beaming with warmth. Festive fun!"
- Fox TV - Stewart Klein

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