"Sophie Tucker in Person"
In this irresistible one woman show Cheryl Ann Allen brings to life all the music, humor and drama of one of the greatest stars in show business

Ian Finkel: Writer, Director, Arranger

"Fyvush Finkel Live

Titled “Fyvush Finkel Live!,” this happy-go-lucky mishmash of music, dance, film and comedy puts Mr. Finkel squarely in the sentimental spotlight. There are personal reminiscences, Yiddish theater history and family fun — all calculated to evoke nostalgia, elicit a tear and provoke a laugh.

Ian Finkel: Director, Arranger

Fyvush Finkel
: From Second Avenue to Broadway
with Fyvush singing songs from both the Yiddish theater and Broadway

Ian Finkel: Director, Arranger

"Addicted to Show Business
Starring & written by 3 Time Emmy Award winner Dave Konig, with director & composer Ian Finkel,
Addicted to Show Business is a one man comedic tour de force about the one addiction there's no 12 Step program for!

Ian Finkel:  Direction and Musical Score

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